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CTK WaveFix 35,00 mm 500*1000

EAN: 6430042128907
CTK WaveFix 35 mm_1000
CTK WaveFix 35,00 mm 5pcs 500*1000mm
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CTK is designed and manufactured specifically for Automotive use. CTK is a stable, high-tech enterprise, which produces rubber-based polymeric materials. Our product range is widely used in the automobile industry. The enterprise has unique, self-designed, and developed equipment, ensuring high performance, mobility of the technological process, and a consistently high level of quality. All this allows for the realization of materials in small and large bulk for the customer in the shortest possible time. Our modern research laboratory monitors the entire production process, product quality, and is also engaged in the improvement of manufactured materials and the development of new ones. Features: Noise-absorbing material based on foamed polyurethane with latex impregnation. On the one hand, it has an adhesive layer, with which it is easy and simple to be applied on the surface of even a complex shape. The undulating soft surface of the material serves as a seal between the car body and the plastic parts of the interior. Thanks to latex impregnation Wave Fix is very durable and has a memory effect - restores its shape even after very strong compression. One of the most effective sound-absorbing materials of the highest quality. There are only a few products with comparable properties that are offered by well-known manufacturers at much higher prices. CTK Wave Fix is a self-adhesive, very flexible, very soft, and delicate-to-the-touch sound-absorbing material based on special polyurethane with & memory: It is characterized by a very high ability to dissipate and absorb sound (noise) in the mid and high-frequency range and good thermal insulation properties. Sound absorbing treatment additionally improves the acoustic properties, protects against moisture absorption from the air, the development of microorganisms, mould, and bacteria, and also protects the underlying material from aging.


Thickness 35 mm
Sheet size 500*1000 mm
Sheets in package 5
Sheets coverage 2.5 m².