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Brax MX4 S

EAN: 4016050128416
Brax 4-channel amplifier
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- Optical digital inputs used for the upcoming BRAX DSP (2 x Toslink)
- Separate terminal for connecting a BRAX Power Stabilizer directly to the switching transistors
- Eight capacitors (with a total capacity of 40,000 microFarad) take care of an extremly high current impulse load
- 200 Ampere high-performance switching transistors
- Interference-free power supply due to optimized suppression coil up to 300 Ampere with ultra-low internal resistance
- Especially developed transformers with highly-efficient core materials guarantee a total performance of more than 1,800 Watts
- High efficiency due to super-fast Schottky power diodes with more than 160 Ampere in total
- Below the lateral PC-boards there are in total 32 hand-selected high-end MOS-FET transistors which account for brilliant sound
- Processor controlled operating data management of the amplifier and power supply. It also controls the optional fan. Furthermore the processor is supervising the whole amplifier and shuts it down in case of malfunctions
- Engraved serial number on the stainless steel plate
- Impedance independed output power of around 280 Watts per channel
- 4-, 2- and 1-Ohm stable
- Optional fan at the bottom plate with porcessor supported fan control
- The solid heatsink, made of a special aluminium alloy takes care of a perfect cooling of power supply transistors and those of the amplifier

Based on our basic principles “handmade” and “made in Germany” we have designed the amplifier BRAX MX4 according to the latest technical knowledge. The result is both a top-class amplifier and a true high-end statement: A long lasting period of research and development, innovative technologies and an extremely fastidious manufacturing combined with the love for music as the driving force for our work make the BRAX MX4 doubtlessly to the most powerful and best sounding 4-channel amplifier of the world.

Concerning the straight design of the MX4-amplifier and the sophisticated layout of the circuit board, we have deliberately set crossovers and filter functions aside. Short signal paths combined with selected components “made in Germany” ensure pristine listening pleasure and underline the puristical high-end philosophy of the BRAX MX4.

In order to completely eliminate power differences and manufacturing tolerances, we only use hand-selected transistors for the production of each MX4-amplifier. Concerning power-, voltage- and resistance data we select them in more than 300 categories. Thus, all transistors harmonize perfectly in terms of technical specifications. In doing so, our BRAX amplifiers obtain a worldwide reference status. Striving for ultimate perfection, Audiotec Fischer is the only manufacturer of audiophile products on the globe that conducts this extensive and time-consuming hand-selection. Of course, all the instruments that are necessary for this procedure are in-house developments.

Two separate power supplies for the channels A/B and C/D account for an endlessly stable power output. The amplifier’s output is even stable when you connect loudspeakers and a woofer with different impedances to the BRAX MX4. In order to control voltage fluctuations, an external power stabilizer can directly be connected to the power supply. Moreover, the solid and gold-plated terminals for cables up to 50mm² make another contribution to an ideal power supply of the BRAX MX4.

At the end of the day, the BRAX MX4 can be described as an amplifier with a sound rendition that is highly dynamic, powerful in an awsome way and swift as an arrow. The underlying philosophy is topped-off by a packaging in a precious wooden box. Furthermore, each single amplifier is manufactured individually and its respective serial number is recorded in our data-base. The amplifier BRAX MX4 is only produced on demand and of course we can respond to our customer’s requirements. In this way, each amplifier is a valuable individual item that rightly deserves the title “high-end made in Germany”.


Output power RMS
- @ 4 Ohms4 x 275 Watts
- @ 2 Ohms4 x 280 Watts
- @ 1 Ohm4 x 285 Watts
- bridged @ 4 Ohms2 x 550 Watts
- bridged @ 2 Ohms2 x 560 Watts
Amplifier technologyClass AB
Inputs4 x Cinch
2 x Optical SPDIF (12 - 96 kHz)
1 x Remote In
Input sensitivityRCA / Cinch 1.0 - 8.0 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch10 kOhms

Outputs4 x Speaker output

Signal converter for digital inputBurrBrown 24 Bit DA converter
Frequency response10 Hz - 80 kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input 110 dB (A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 110 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD) 0.001 %
Damping factor 1000
Operating voltage9 - 16 Volts
Idle current8.5 A
Fuse6 x 25 A LP-Mini-fuse (APS)

Additional features:Colour Protection System, BRAX Power Stabilizer connector

Dimensions (H x W x D)79 x 360 x 360 mm

Net weight11.5 kg.