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EAN: 6430042128723
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CTK Standard DOORKIT A set of optimally selected three types of effective materials for soundproofing a pair of car doors, sheets with dimensions of 37x50 cm. Set contains: CTK Standard Professional 2 mm (8 pcs. / 1.48 m2) Damping mats based on butyl and aluminum to reduce vibrations of sheet metal and door upholstery, which occur while the car is in motion and as a result of the audio system operation. The mats should be glued directly to the inner and outer sheets of the door chambers (sufficiently approx. 70-80% of the surface) and pointwise in several places on the larger and most resonant flat surfaces of the door upholstery. CTK Elastic 6 mm (2 pcs. / 0.37 m2) Waterproof, thermo-acoustic rubber foam installed as a second layer on damping mats inside the door chambers to improve the acoustic insulation of the passenger compartment. CTK LineFix 7 mm (4 pcs. / 0.74 m2) High-quality, very soft, Premium class sound-absorbing foam with ″shape memory″ effect (slow expansion after compression) to soundproof the rear surface of the door panels. DESCRIPTION OF MATERIALS INCLUDED IN THE SET: CTK Standard PRO 2.0 CTK Standard Professional (PRO) is a high-quality, technologically advanced material that absorbs vibrations in the form of a self-adhesive mat made of a composite of butyl rubber and specialized polymer additives. On the outside, there is an embossed aluminum foil with a thickness of 100 micrometers (0.1 mm), which strengthens and mechanically protects the damping material and additionally improves its acoustic properties. Thanks to a specially selected butyl rubber composite, high installation flexibility, moderate weight as well as very high viscosity and adhesion to the substrate (comparable to Premium mats) were obtained, while maintaining high efficiency of vibration damping at the level offered by similar materials of greater thickness and higher weight. CTK Standard PRO mats are designed for effective damping of vibrations and acoustic resonances of car body elements and upholstery in order to increase driving comfort (noise reduction) and to improve acoustic properties of audio equipment.


self-adhesive mat damping vibrations and vibrations of a professional class
total thickness: 2.0 mm +/- 0.2 mm
aluminum foil thickness: 0.1 mm (100 µm)
material: high-tech composite of butyl rubber and specialized polymers of very high viscosity, reinforced with aluminum foil
MLF (mechanical loss factor) - vibration damping efficiency: 0.30
sheet dimensions: 370x500 mm (0.185 m2)
weight of 1 sheet: 0.65 kg (3.51 kg / m2)
recommended installation temperature: + 10ºC to + 30ºC
temperature range of use and operation: -50ºC to + 140ºC
high flexibility and high efficiency in a wide temperature range
high initial adhesion to the substrate with the maximum achieved after several to several dozen hours after sticking (depends on the temperature), self-vulcanization
product with anti-corrosion and sealing properties, waterproof, does not contain bituminous admixtures (no tar and asphalt)
non-toxic product, does not emit unpleasant odors, can be used in the automotive industry and indoors
visual features: black aluminum foil with rectangular ribs, printed yellow graphics
produced by CTK Ltd. in accordance with the quality management standards ISO 9001: 2008, SIC.02.040.1344
the use of material from the DoorKit set: as the first layer on the outer and inner sheets of door chambers and technological openings, and locally on larger flat fragments of the rear surface of the door panels
Quantity in the DoorKit set: 8 sheets with dimensions of 37x50 cm (1.48 m2).