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CTK Elastic 10 mm Pack

CTK Elastic 10 mm
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Self-adhesive, soft and light thermo-acoustic material based on foamed elastic rubber (synthetic rubber) with a combination of closed cells of various shapes and sizes. This design combines seemingly contradictory properties. Namely, it effectively absorbs and reduces noise (which is usually a feature of materials with polyurethane open cells that absorb water) and at the same time provides a very high level of sound and heat insulation, retains full moisture resistance and repels water. Thanks to these properties CTK Elastic is one of the most efficient materials on the market for heat and sound insulation of car bodies and industrial equipment (cars, air conditioners, machinery, etc.) Self-adhesive mats based on flexible foam rubber can be easily installed on surfaces with a flat or uneven surface (avoid strongly curved edges, ″silicone″ plastics and rough surfaces). In the car, they are intended primarily for interior use as effective heat insulators that prevent excessive heating or cooling of the car interior, and, above all, as very effective acoustic barriers, protecting the inside of the car from external noise (wheels, engine, etc.). Due to its oil-resistant and waterproof properties, this material can be glued onto the most of internal or external metal parts of the car, for example, on the floor, on the roof,on the inner and outer wheel arches and inside the luggage compartment. The special structure, high elasticity and moisture resistance also make CTK Elastic effective under the floor of the car as a material that muffles and blocks road noise.
Package contains 13 pcs.


Package contains 13 pcs
Thickness: 10,0mm
Weight: 0,5 kg/m²
Sheet dimensions: 500 x 1000 mm
Sheets coverage 6.5 m².