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CTK STANDARD PRO 2.0mm 370*500

EAN: 6430042128686
CTK Standard Pro 2.0 damping mat
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CTK Standard Professional is a modern, technologically advanced material that absorbs low-frequency vibrations. It is available in the form of a self-adhesive mat, made on the basis of butyl-rubber composite and specialized polymer additives. Outside there is an extruded aluminum foil with a thickness of 100 micrometers (0.1 mm), which strengthens and mechanically protects the damping material and improves its acoustic properties.Thanks to a specially selected butyl rubber composite, high elasticity, moderate weight and better adhesion properties (adhesion to the surface increases with time), this material retains the high vibration damping efficiency at the level offered by similar materials with greater thickness and greater weight. CTK Standard Professional vibro-acoustic mats are products intended for more demanding customers who value high quality, efficiency and comfort at a reasonable price. Mats are designed to effectively suppress noise, vibration and resonance of acoustic elements of the car body and upholstery (doors, floor, roof, luggage rack, engine hood, wheel arches, plastic parts, upholstery elements, etc.). They can also be used indoors to silence cases of computers, air conditioners, RTV and household appliances. The product is non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, does not absorb moisture and does not decompose under the influence of weather conditions. It has anti-corrosion and sealing properties. Due to the high value of the mechanical loss factor (MLF) and moderate weight, CTK Standard Professional damping mats are one of the most effective anti-vibration materials for reducing vibration and vehicle noise in their price range. They are very well suited for work aimed at improving the acoustics of the car interior in case of installation and use of car audio equipment, as well as during full sound insulation of vehicles or when upgrading sound insulation, for example, after repairing vehicle body components. CTK Standard Professional is a perfectly balanced solution that combines high quality and damping efficiency, as well as moderate weight and reasonable price.


Thickness 2.0 mm.
Foil thickness 100 µm
Weight per 1 sheet 0.65 kg.
Weight per package 10.6 kg.
Weight per SQR.M 3.5 kg.
Package on pallet 84
MLF 0.28
Sheets in package 16
SQR.M per package 2.96
SQR.M per pallet 248.64.