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DD Audio Z12000

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The Z12000 monoblock subwoofer amplifier is the latest offering in the legendary Z series of top-of-the-line powerhouse amplifiers. This amplifier can deliver well above 12,000 watts of continuous, unbridled power. Engineered for performance, it incorporates state-of-the-art circuit optimization for a high-current, half-bridge amp with a surprisingly small footprint that allows for 2 wide installation in many of todays popular SPL/DEMO vehicles.

The Z12’s chassis features DD Audio’s exclusive High Volume Air Circulation (HVAC) heat management system. The mass of the heavy-duty extruded aluminum heatsink coupled with intelligent fin design constantly transfers heat to the outside air while an internal brushless fan pulls in cooler air through an elevated bottom panel and end panel vents to maximize air flow over hard working internal components.

Its also ready to connect to the DD Audio ZVL module, giving it the flexibility to easily integrate into multi amp systems to drive the most punishing of subwoofer stages.


Operating Voltage: 9 - 16
Test Voltage: 14.4
Output Channel(s): 1
Continuous Wattage @4ohm: 4000
Continuous Wattage @2ohm: 7000
Continuous Wattage @1ohm: 12000
Dynamic Wattage: 14000
Max Current Draw (Amps): 1200
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: 8 - 0.2
RCA Input S/N: 92dB
Damping Factor: 200
Frequency Response (Hz): 10 - 200
Sub-Sonic Filter: 10Hz - 50Hz
Low-Pass Filter: 20Hz - 200Hz
ZVL Input: Yes
Power Wire Gauge: 4x0
Speaker Wire Gauge: 4x8
Dimensions (Inches): 27″ x 12″ x 3.125″
Dimensions (MM): 686 x 305 x 83
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 40