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GZPA Reference 4PURE-SQ

EAN: 4037072021394
GZPA Reference 4PURE-SQ
Reference 4PURE-SQ
4-channel amplifier
4 x 425 or 2 x 1000W
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Upgraded 4-channel SQ amplifier has been improved using some latest electronical parts available on the market. These changes allow a wider bias range setting increasing the ambience of the music reproduction. The power supply has been seperated electrically and physically leading to an absolutely symmetrical layout of the circuit that is the basis for these dual-mono and dual-stereo amplifiers.
The output power of up to 1150 Watts pe channel provides another contribution to the precise and detailed REFERENCE sound, punchy and dynamic, warm and enjoyable.

High-End pure sound quality amplifier
• 1 Ohm stabile stereo / 2 Ohm bridged
• Symmetrical dual-mono direct-signal layout
• Shielded and separated dual power supply
• Continuously variable Bias Setting Class AB - nearly Class A
• Adjustable input sensitivity
• Soft delayed remote turn-on
• Power & Protection indicator
• Thermal, over current, speaker short, Speaker DC protection
• Temperature-sensitive controlled fan
• Plexiglas bottom plate
• White LED illumination inside
• High quality Rhodium RCA plugs
• Selected high-end SANKEN® transistors
• Low distortion LM4562 OP with 0.00003% THD+N
• Ground Zero exclusive Mundorf Mcap® capacitors
• Special made audio-optimized Mundorf secondary capacitors for maximum buffering
• Capsuled ALPS potentiometers with channel separated level adjustment and summarize-function
• Low-tolerance Vishay Dale emitter-resistors for accurate bias point stabilization
• Copper anodized aluminum strand cast heatsink

High-End 4-channel SQ amplifier
Symmetrical layout
Class AB technology
Pure direct signal path
Variable BIAS setting
Exclusive high quality components
Rhodium coated RCA sockets
Exclusive heatsink with engraved Ground Zero lettering
Acrylic bottom plate with LED illumination
Highest Sound Quality – without compromises!


Channels: 4
Output Power (@ 4Ω): 4x 150 Watts RMS
Output Power (@ 2Ω): 4x 270 Watts RMS
Output Power (@ 1Ω): 4x 425 Watts RMS
max. Ausgangsleistung (CEA-2006A / 10%THD+N): 2x 1000 Watts
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 38 kHz
HPF / LPF / BPF: ○ / ○ / ○
Bass Boost / Phase Shift: ○ / ○
High-Level Input / Auto-on: ○ / ○
Remote: ○
BIAS Setting: ●
Linkmode: ○
Dimensions (W x L x H): 236 x 590 x 67.5 mm / 9.29 x 23.23 x 2.66″