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Helix Compose i7 - Ci7 M100FM-S3

EAN: 4057204323356
Ci7 M100FM-S3
Helix Compose i7 midrange 100mm 3 Ohm / 150W
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HELIX COMPOSE i7 series represents uncompromising high-end for an outstanding sound experience in the automobile. With obvious influence of the high-end sister brand BRAX, the i7 speaker series is completely made in Germany and optimized for uncompromising music enjoyment: Only the highest quality materials such as the ultra high damping crafted paper cone are used in order to achieve a maximum impulse and an unmatched frequency response. The speaker baskets are made of a high-tech polymer composite, which is additionally reinforced with glass beads for maximum rigidity and minimum ringing. Last but not least, there are our extraordinarily powerful, highly efficient magnet systems as well as the tweeter with hand-coated silk dome and coupling volume. The 100 mm COMPOSE speaker particularly stands out due to its flat design and large diaphragm area. Of course, the i7 series is compatible with all HELIX COMPOSE technologies such as FlexMount, FlexConnect, ProConnect and the WireKits.

One of the key elements of our COMPOSE platform is our patented mounting system called FlexMount, which is based on especially developed adaptor rings. This technology allows you to install our i7 speakers, in an almost infinite number of car models – simply by swapping the optionally available adaptor ring. Depending on the specific COMPOSE speaker, said adaptor rings are either included or optionally available.

UHD (Ultra High Damping) crafted paper cone
With notable influence from the sister brand BRAX and our uncompromising high-end philosophy, only the highest quality components, such as the proprietary, handmade UHD (Ultra High Damping) paper cone, are used in the i7 series. manufactured in a particularly complex process, this cone guarantees an optimal frequency- as well as the best possible impulse response for incomparable music enjoyment.

All HELIX COMPOSE i7 and i3 speaker baskets are made of a high-tech polymer composite, which has been additionally reinforced with glass spheres. The result: maximum stability with minimal self-resonance, while also eliminating flux modulation of the magnetic system and maximum resistance to thermal influences. Last but not least, this allows for much more compact basket dimensions and thus simplified installations in cramped installation conditions.

FlexMount100 – Universal meets car-specific
FlexMount is a mounting system based on specially developed adapter rings, allowing the installation of COMPOSE FlexMount speakers in an almost infinite number of vehicles. Thus, the universal loudspeaker effortlessly becomes a vehicle-specific loudspeaker, that can be easily installed in the original installation position of the vehicle in an acoustically optimized way with the matching twsit-lock FlexMount100 adapter ring.

FlexConnect – One terminal for all cases
With our FlexConnect terminal, HELIX COMPOSE speakers can easily be connected directly to the original wiring harness of the vehicle, maintaining the automotive standard of the plug connection as well as guaranteeing reverse polarity protection. Similar to our FlexMount system, this technology relies on specially developed, vehicle-specific adaptors.

WireKits – Plug & Play at its best
Our WireKits realize the connection of HELIX COMPOSE components to the original wiring harness, or optionally to the crossover, in the most comfortable way. With manufacturing according to the high standards of the automotive industry, these arrestable adaptor cables meet all requirements for the harsh environmental conditions that installers are facing in vehicles every day.


Size: 4″
Power RMS / Max: 100 / 150 Watts
Impedance : 3 Ohm
DC resistance: 3.0 Ohm
Frequency response: 110 - 7000 Hz
Resonance Frequency ( Fs ): 85 Hz
Mechanical Q factor: ( Qms ): 4.58
Electrical Q factor: ( Qes ): 0.52
Total Q factor: (Qts ): 0.47
Compliance ( Cms ): 590 ɥm/N
Equivalent air volume ( Vas ): 2.5 L
Force factor ( B * I ): 4.3 Tm
Sensitivity ( SPL ): 91.0 db @ 2.83V/1m┃87.0 db @ 1W/1m
Cone area ( Sd ): 55 cm2
Moving mass ( Mms ): 5.9 g
Cone material: Ultra high damping crafted paper cone
Mechanical resistance ( Rms ): 0.69 kg/s
Voice coil diameter: 25 mm
Voice coil winding height: 5.5 mm
Max. linear excursion ( Xmax ): +/- 1.3 mm
Mounting Ø 89.0 mm
Mounting depth: 26.5 mm

Features: FlexConnect terminal, powerful push-pull neodymium magnet system and FlexMound 100

FlexConnect Inlays

Scope of delivery
2 x Ci7 M100FM-S3
2 x Universal FlexMount100 (with standard 4-point mounting)
2 x FlexConnect inlay A
2 x Crossover connection cable
2 x Mounting material