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Pioneer CD-MC20 Calibration mic

Pioneer microphone for Auto EQ
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Measure the acoustic properties of your car for the best possible audio performance.
The CD-MC20 is a high precision measuring microphone, which is able to accurately measure the acoustics of your car. The microphone will send its feedback to the Auto EQ and Auto Time Alignment circuits in the Pioneer unit, to guarantee the best possible audio performance, specifically for your car.


Compatible with:

AVIC-F960/60/80 models -

AVH-Z- models

AVH-X-models AVH-X2800 -

Pioneer AVIC-F88DAB

Pioneer AVIC-F80DAB

Pioneer AVIC-F980BT

Pioneer AVH-Z2000BT

Pioneer AVH-Z5000DAB

Pioneer AVH-Z7000DAB

Pioneer AVH-X7800BT

Pioneer AVH-X390BT

Pioneer AVH-X8800BT

Pioneer AVH-X5800DAB